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What to do with your free time? There are an unlimited amount of
answers and many of them can be very inexpensive. Just like
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money and your overall quality
of life will be more enjoyable.

Running/Jogging; Probably the least costly of any physical leisure time pursuit.
Of course most important are your shoes and you should spend a good amount of time to find the ones that have the best fit and comfort. Also look at the 2 for 1 sales because if you find a pair that are perfect, grab another. Running/walking shoe styles change frequently so having a backup of your favorite pair can save you frustration down the road. Jogging outfits: not for me but if you must never pay full retail and remember that with running it’s not so much how you look it’s how you feel. Discount clothing stores like Marshall’s/Kohl’s carry a good selection of exercise gear at lower prices.

Bicycling can be a little expensive initially but like most any piece of exercise equipment you can find a bargain if you hunt for it. Unfortunately many people buy new bikes every year and after a month or two give up on the sport and put their wheels up for sale in the local penny saver type newspaper, craigslist and e-bay to name a few.
Buying Near New at a heavy discount is a Cabbage Rule of Thumb. Hit the net to find the bike trails in your area and if you’re ever on Cape Cod the Rail Trail is 22 miles of the most beautiful stretch in the Northeast, enjoy!

Another form of great exercise often in a picturesque setting. Like Biking, the initial purchase of the equipment can be costly and I again suggest you go the used/near new route described above.

A fantastic workout and a growing number of free public courts to play on.
A 50 dollar Racquet and a good pair of tennis shoes gets you in the door.

Wildly popular but not cheap. Used clubs, public courses and no cart are the inexpensive way to go here. Beware the 19th Hole!

Gym Memberships:
Like many of the services listed on this site you can find a great rate if you dig deep enough. Do not go with a lower price Membership if the gym is dramatically out of your way between home and work though. Eventually you could find the extra drive a hassle and avoid using your membership. Finding a place to exercise that you’re comfortable with also factors in greatly. Many gyms offer “trial memberships” which is the way to go if you are unsure of your workout needs and commitment level. Try to match the Gym with what you specifically want to do with your exercise routine.
You may have to pay more if say you’re into swimming and a pool is required or indoor tennis most likely bumps up the price significantly.

Attending a Major League sporting event or a top talent Concert event can be an exhilarating experience. Unfortunately ticket agencies grab most of the great seats and charge a premium above face value. If it’s a game or show you absolutely are dying to attend check E Bay, Stub Hub and other such sites shortly before the event. You might gamble on losing the seats but ticket owners are more ready to cut a deal as the event date draws near. Can’t afford to see Springsteen or a Sox - Yanks game? Try a minor league game or a free concert in your area; you might be surprised at what a good time you’ll have.

Right now Net Flix gives you the best bang for your buck; no late fees and cheap monthly plans. Remember that with Cable and Satellite providers your plan is always negotiable, give them a call, you’ll be surprised at some of the deals you can wrangle.
Going to the movies is also getting very pricey so scour your area theatre chains’ website for any deals there.

By now most everyone knows you can avoid paying full price for travel by comparison shopping on travel websites such as Expedia and Hotels.com. These sites are very useful and can often net you great deals. Some sites discount travel the farther out you book, others cut you a deal the closer you are to your departure date, research accordingly.
Map out your destination: You can save big money at a hotel at either end of the Vegas Strip but you could end up paying a fortune in cab fare to be closer to the action.
Myrtle Beach isn’t Miami Beach but you’ll still have a great time, especially if you golf.
All inclusive travel such as cruises or resorts can be thrifty but if you don’t care for the food, lodging and other amenities you could be stuck. Check sites for testimonials or better yet use the recommendations of friends and family to ultimately point you in the right direction.
Remember that in this economy virtually anyone is ready to cut a deal, another Cabbage Rule of Thumb.
Off the Beat and Path: It’s not for everyone but Camping can make a very inexpensive and rewarding trip. Renting an RV and packing up your family for a road trip works as well. We are very fortunate to live in a country where there are almost countless National Parks and unbelievable sites to behold. From the Appalachian Trail to the Grand Canyon you could spend ten lifetimes seeing all there is to see.

However you enjoy your leisure time treasure it; we all spend too much of our lives working and not enough time just living.

Have a great Travel or Leisure time tip? We’d love to hear from you.
Be Well, save Cabbage and Seize that Day Off!



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