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These are challenging times for retirees and those preparing to retire. The last 3 months there has been a huge decline in personal wealth as a result of stock market losses. You may have to reevaluate your finances and your lifestyle as a result. You have been successful in the past with preparing and planning threw your life now take this experience and use it as a tool to achieve the goal of a financially stable and happy retirement. Ahead are some pointers that can be helpful and links to useful websites also.

1. Know what your 401K plan restrictions are. The following is a link to
FAQ’s About Retirement Planning
2. Consider down sizing your current residence. By doing this and then taking your profit and placing it in a fixed annuity can help bring in more money per month.
3. If you are about to invest in a certificate of deposit research more than just local banks and credit union in your area. There are banks across the U.S. that may offer a better rate.
4. Consider a reverse mortgage to improve you monthly cash flow.
5. Consider Tax exempt bonds as a possible investment.
6. Invest conservatively, this is not the time to be speculative with your money.
7. Know what your tax implications are if you decide to work part time or full time when you start collecting your social security benefit.
8. Stay informed of changes in your social security benefit and changes in Medicare. Visit their websites often.
9. Have a Will, and keep it current.
10. Know your states inheritance laws and consult your financial advisor to structure your wealth in the event of you passing away.
11. Get triple AAA. Even if you own a new car or used
12. If you own 2 automobiles consider selling one and have only one to reduce maintenance costs and put some cash away.
13. If you take prescription drugs ask your doctor if there is at generic that is available at a significantly lower cost.
14. Don’t get sucked in by some one who say’s they have an investment with guaranteed big returns.
15. Check out our weekly circular page and coupons page to save some cash.
16. Become a member of AARP.
17. Beware of telemarketers the 1st sign of one just hank up the phone.
18. Never give out personal information over the phone or bank account numbers.
19. Always ask for a senior citizens discount even if its not advertised. Today no one in business wants to loose a customer.
20. If you rent know your rights as a tenant.
21. If you live alone consider getting a pet dog or cat. Research studies have found that their presence lowers blood pressure and extends longevity.
22. Try to exercise regularly. If you drink, drink in moderation. If you smoke try to quit.

In conclusion you are now in your golden years and just like anything else make the most of it. Don’t become a couch potato. Get out and stay involved. It doesn't’ cost anything to go for a walk.




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