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Are you going to make a major purchase say in the next week or month? Then you need to checkout these Deal Websites. Comparison shopping has never been easier with the advent of the internet, and in today’s market buyers truly have the upper hand. Save money with free
shipping and if live where you have a state sales tax and purchase an item from an out of state retailer in most cases you will not pay sales tax. Another thing that’s great about these sites is most have a search feature so all you have to do is paste what your looking for in the search area and you can do quick comparison shopping from site to site. I recently purchased an Epson Stylus 1400 photo printer from B&H Photo out of New York, and got free shipping, no sales tax and a 70$ Rebate from Epson. These kinds of deals are out there so go ahead and check them out and save some Cabbage


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