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"Cook em" Dano

SUMMER is on and here are three links below that you will not do wrong with perfecting your grilling skills and enjoyment. If you go to these three websites below and go with their stuff. You wont be disappointed:


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I Love a Great Steak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer, got to love it ! So let me bring a little bit of my expertise to the table. Here were talking grilling and who doesn’t want to be King of the Grill, or The Grill Meister, or The Grill Overseer or Chef Grillyardee. Here are some tips to cook up some great stuff and enjoy an afternoon
or evening with friends and family.

a. Never cook anything that is frozen on the grill. All meat should be at room temp and completely thawed a half an hour before grilling. That includes those frozen hamburg patties.
b. If you not sure if it’s fully cooked after you have taken it off the grill throw into the microwave for a couple of minutes.
c. Buy a meat thermometer to be sure its cooked.
d. If you cook with charcoal always wait until the coals are a light grey color and a orangeish glow before cooking.
e. Buy good cuts of meat, you get what you pay for so don’t go cheap.
f. Let your grill cook your food not burn it, get the heat to cook it not the flame. Use aluminum foil as a barrier to keep things from burning if need be.
Update Thow away the foil and get this instead

g. Coat your grill cooking surface with a spray of vegetable oil, this will prevent sticking.
h. I know everyone should know this but just a reminder, never light a gas grill with the cover down.
i. Never ever use gasoline in place of lighter fluid to start a grille.
j. If you burn wood in a half barrel or a fire pit to cook, remember to get the wood burning thoroughly before cooking.
k. Always have a cold beer by your side, it can get a little warm tending to the food.

l. check out are weekly circular page to see grocery
deals in your local area.

m. Summer time is always just to short !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Foodie Update

Well the Mrs. let me in the kitchen on July 4th morning so I decided to cook something a little different. I call them English French Muffins and all you do is use English muffins instead of bread for your French Toast and I got to tell you It's the way to go and don't even need a fork. Wish I took some Pics, maybe next time.


Coming soon the new Dano Burger Stuffed Cheese Burger recipe ! Click the pic to see the full size version

Like a blink of an eye in no time the crisp air will be forcing many of us indoors. Football season will be in full force and now its time for vittles. Well one of the best Football foods during a game has to be pizza. You don’t have to order out and spend $14 for a pizza. Or buy one of those frozen pizza’s with all the stuff on them that are so drowned with salt and pepper and other stuff you can’t even taste the pizza. An affordable compromise is what my Wife does. She buy’s whatever plain cheese pizza is on sale then she buys fresh pepperoni, mushrooms, some onions and some mozzarella cheese and she covers the pizza with said ingredients and it comes out awesome. One big tip here is to spray the top of the pizza with nonstick vegetable oil spray this allows the crust to get cooked just right and the toppings not to burn. Enjoy.


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